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Factoids for the month of August, 2005

Factoid/2005/08/01Greatest Threat to Coasts and Oceans
Factoid/2005/08/02The BAD: Ocean Outfalls for Sewage in California
Factoid/2005/08/03Beach Access Is Plentiful in Oregon, Scarce in Maine
Factoid/2005/08/04The Circular Life Cycle of Florida Turtles
Factoid/2005/08/08Very Large Waves Generated by Hurricane Ivan Last September
Factoid/2005/08/09Strong Protection for Georgia's Coastal Islands
Factoid/2005/08/10Beach Water Pollution May Be Worse during New and Full Moons
Factoid/2005/08/11Sea Otters Need to Do It Again
Factoid/2005/08/12Lost Fishing Gear in the Oceans Is Typically Not Biodegradable
Factoid/2005/08/15Mega Port Planned for Northern Baja
Factoid/2005/08/16Northwestern Hawaiian Islands No Longer Safe from Invasive Species
Factoid/2005/08/17Cutting Back on 'Critical Habitat' for West Coast Salmon
Factoid/2005/08/18When Are U.S. Politicians Going to Wake Up about Global Warming?
Factoid/2005/08/19STATE OF THE BEACH: Widespread Water Quality, Coastal Access, Erosion Response and Beach Ecology Concerns
Factoid/2005/08/22Recent, Harmful Coral Bleaching Generally Attributed by Scientists to Global Warming
Factoid/2005/08/23Red Tide Is Killing Marine Life Off the Gulf Coast of Florida
Factoid/2005/08/24The Spectrum of Waves
Factoid/2005/08/25What Is a Beach?
Factoid/2005/08/26Commercial Fishing Is the 3rd Most Dangerous Occupation in the U.S.
Factoid/2005/08/29Stay Away from the Gulf Coastal Area for a Several Days
Factoid/2005/08/30Huge Disaster from Hurricane Katrina
Factoid/2005/08/31Undermining the Fundamental Framework of Living Systems?