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Factoids for the month of October, 2005

Factoid/2005/10/03Canada Lobbies US Federal Government Against Drilling in ANWR
Factoid/2005/10/048 Million Gallons of Oil Spills in Waterways in Southeastern Louisiana after Katrina
Factoid/2005/10/05Dam Removal: Restoring Ecosystems and Beach Sand
Factoid/2005/10/06Surfrider Foundation Beach Access Goals
Factoid/2005/10/07Shoreline Structures Are Problematic
Factoid/2005/10/10Army Corps Proposal to Armor Many San Diego County Beaches
Factoid/2005/10/11Vince Is First Tropical Storm to Reach Spain and Portugal
Factoid/2005/10/12Astounding Great White Shark
Factoid/2005/10/14Oil Companies Pushing Hard for Increasing Coastal Drilling
Factoid/2005/10/17Majority of Americans Are Sympathetic to Environmental Concerns
Factoid/2005/10/18Water Pollution Is Top Environmental Priority
Factoid/2005/10/19Wilma, the Most Intense Atlantic Storm Ever
Factoid/2005/10/20Our Legacy to Our Great Great Grandchildren
Factoid/2005/10/24Surfrider Foundation's Water Quality Goals for Monitoring
Factoid/2005/10/25Public Not Well Informed about the Health of Our Beaches
Factoid/2005/10/26If Surfers Don't Save Trestles, Who Will?
Factoid/2005/10/27U.S. House Committee Approves Ending Drilling Moratorium in Offshore Waters
Factoid/2005/10/28Hopes for Worldwide Network of Marine Parks
Factoid/2005/10/31Surfrider Foundation's Beach Preservation Policy