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Factoids for the month of November, 2005

Factoid/2005/11/01The Titanic Had Everything Under the Sun Except a Sufficient Number of Lifeboats
Factoid/2005/11/02Are You Waiting To Do Something About Global Warming?
Factoid/2005/11/03Sea Walls Are Accelerating Beach Erosion
Factoid/2005/11/04Katrina and Rita Tore Through and Submerged over 100 Square Miles of Coastal Wetlands
Factoid/2005/11/07U.S. Army Dumped Huge Quantities of Chemical and Radioactive Waste into Our Oceans
Factoid/2005/11/08Army Doesn't Know the Locations of Half of Its Chemical Weapons Dumpsites Offshore
Factoid/2005/11/09Ventura County Cutting Back on Beach Water Testing Due to Insufficient Funding
Factoid/2005/11/10Beaches Are Ever-Changing, Restless Armies of Sand Particles
Factoid/2005/11/11Drilling in ANWR May Be Reinserted in Final Budget Bill
Factoid/2005/11/14Where Did the Army Dump Chemical Weapons Off Oahu's South Shore?
Factoid/2005/11/15Too Much Sewage Dumping in Southern California's Offshore Waters
Factoid/2005/11/16Benjamin Franklin, America's Famous Swimmer
Factoid/2005/11/17Dolphin Hunting in Japan
Factoid/2005/11/18Stay Far Away from the NOAA Ocean Buoys!
Factoid/2005/11/21Federal Flood Insurance Promotes Coastal Development
Factoid/2005/11/22It's Not Very Appealing to Put a Highway through a State Park
Factoid/2005/11/23Residents Will Pay to Reduce Polluted Runoff from Flowing to Our Beaches
Factoid/2005/11/28Origins of Coast Guard
Factoid/2005/11/29Rising Sea Levels Forcing Abandonment of Islands
Factoid/2005/11/30Lessons in Surviving a Tsunami