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Factoids for the month of December, 2008

Factoid/2008/12/01Each Year, Billions of Cigarette Butts Litter Our Landscape
Factoid/2008/12/02The Latest from the UN Panel on Global Warming
Factoid/2008/12/03Effective Grassroots Action by Surfrider Foundation's Oregon Activists
Factoid/2008/12/12Low Impact Development for Reducing Water Pollution in the Coastal Watershed
Factoid/2008/12/15Are Polluted Runoff Fines for Construction Companies Less Than the Cost of Compliance?
Factoid/2008/12/16Lots of Unknowns About Bacteria Found in Beach Sand
Factoid/2008/12/17New U.S./French Satellite Is Now Collecting Valuable Oceanography Data
Factoid/2008/12/18Less Is Better
Factoid/2008/12/19Marine Corps Sets the Record Straight with Regard to National Security and the Proposed Toll Road through San Onofre State Beach
Factoid/2008/12/22Epidemiological Studies and Beach Water Pollution
Factoid/2008/12/24Negative Feedback Loop with Rising Temperatures Releasing Methane Plumes
Factoid/2008/12/26U.S. Geological Survey's New Report Predicts Much Greater Sea Level Rise from Global Warming
Factoid/2008/12/29Enviro Groups Hammer Out Agreement with Navy over Mid-Frequency Sonar Use in the Oceans
Factoid/2008/12/30Don't Forget about the Beach You Love -- Please Make a Year End Donation to Surfrider Foundation