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Factoids for the month of April, 2011

Factoid/2011/04/01NOAA Cuts Would Endanger Coastal Residents and the Ocean's Health
Factoid/2011/04/04Armor or Retreat in Massachusetts?
Factoid/2011/04/05Thousands of Tons of Radioactive Water Released to the Ocean in Japan
Factoid/2011/04/06Thousands of Shipping Containers - Macro Trash or New Habitat?
Factoid/2011/04/07World's Winds and Waves Have Been Rising for Decades
Factoid/2011/04/08Ocean Life is Our Own Goose With the Golden Eggs
Factoid/2011/04/11This is National Environmental Education Week!
Factoid/2011/04/12This is Tsunami Awareness Month
Factoid/2011/04/13Giant "Current Rings" Found in the South Atlantic
Factoid/2011/04/14Algae Can Remove Pollution and Produce Biodiesel
Factoid/2011/04/15Coastal Commission Study Evaluates Earthquake and Tsunami Potential in California
Factoid/2011/04/18Underwater Robots Aid Penguin Research
Factoid/2011/04/19Some Coastal Parishes in Louisiana May Disappear
Factoid/2011/04/20Today is the 1-Year Anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster
Factoid/2011/04/21Seismic Surveys for Oil Exploration are Killing Squid
Factoid/2011/04/22Today is Earth Day!
Factoid/2011/04/25Are Rogue Wave Frequencies Increasing?
Factoid/2011/04/26657 New Islands Discovered
Factoid/2011/04/27Overfishing is Causing Loss of Nutrients to Ocean Ecosystems
Factoid/2011/04/28Sounds from March 11 Earthquake Detected Underwater 900 Miles Away!
Factoid/2011/04/29Ocean Eddies - Not Just a Surface Phenomenon