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Factoids for the month of July, 2011

Factoid/2011/07/01New Northwest Passage is Changing Marine Ecosystems
Factoid/2011/07/05Network of Marine Protected Areas Will Be Implemented October 1
Factoid/2011/07/06Japan Tsunami Debris Headed to the West Coast
Factoid/2011/07/07Sea Turtles Do It In The Dark
Factoid/2011/07/08National Endowment for the Oceans, Coasts, and Great Lakes Act Introduced in Congress
Factoid/2011/07/11Salps: An Important Part of the Ocean Ecosystem
Factoid/2011/07/12New Book on Tsunamis, Storm Surges, Rogue Waves, and Our Quest to Predict Disasters
Factoid/2011/07/13Rising Seas Mean Limited Options
Factoid/2011/07/14Access Disputes Continue in Malibu
Factoid/2011/07/15Access Disputes Continue in New Jersey
Factoid/2011/07/18Scientists Are Working to Create an Ocean Health Index
Factoid/2011/07/19Beach Fill Projects and Increased Injuries - Is There a Connection?
Factoid/2011/07/20Sinking Ships - Increased Habitat or Increased Pollution?
Factoid/2011/07/21New Research May Help Explain Rogue Waves
Factoid/2011/07/22Oregon Moves Ahead With Marine Reserves
Factoid/2011/07/25Underwater "Current Farms" Coming
Factoid/2011/07/26More "Dirty Sand" on Florida Beaches?
Factoid/2011/07/27Apex Predator Health is Crucial to Healthy Ocean Ecosystems
Factoid/2011/07/28Another Ship Sinking Controversy
Factoid/2011/07/29Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations Are Choking Chesapeake Bay