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Factoids for the month of November, 2012

Factoid/2012/11/01The National Marine Sanctuaries Act is 40 Years Old
Factoid/2012/11/02Our Coasts are Better Off Because of the CZMA
Factoid/2012/11/05The National Ocean Policy Makes Sense
Factoid/2012/11/06Government Has Subsidized Re-Building in Hazard-Prone Areas
Factoid/2012/11/07The Health of Our Oceans - Why Was This Not a Campaign Issue?
Factoid/2012/11/08Adaptation Makes More Sense Than Defense
Factoid/2012/11/09California's Proposition 20 Passed 40 Years Ago This Week
Factoid/2012/11/13Minerals Mining in the Ocean - Should We Be Concerned?
Factoid/2012/11/14Sandy Was a Teachable Moment
Factoid/2012/11/15New Stormwater Permit Signals a Paradigm Shift
Factoid/2012/11/16The Ocean Continues to Amaze - A Meat-Eating Sponge
Factoid/2012/11/19We Can Improve the Ocean's Health
Factoid/2012/11/20A Census of All Ocean Life is Being Compiled
Factoid/2012/11/21Kelp is Our Friend
Factoid/2012/11/26World Wild Fish Catch Has Peaked
Factoid/2012/11/27Ecoboards are Catching On
Factoid/2012/11/28Corals are Dying on Kauai's North Shore
Factoid/2012/11/29OceanSpaces is a New Website for California's MPA Network
Factoid/2012/11/30Red Isn't a Good Color For the Ocean