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Factoids for the month of January, 2015

Factoid/2015/01/05Coastal Cleanup Data Indicates Cigarette Butts and Plastic Pieces are the Most Common Items
Factoid/2015/01/06Surfrider's Kauai Chapter Removed 25 Tons of Marine Debris from Kauai's Beaches in 2014
Factoid/2015/01/07Dunes are a Nature-Friendly Response to Erosion
Factoid/2015/01/08New Jersey Has by far the Most Federally-Funded Beach Fill Projects
Factoid/2015/01/09Jetties and Groins Block Sand Flow
Factoid/2015/01/12Sandbags Can't Hold Back the Sea
Factoid/2015/01/13Scientists and Planners are Looking at Ways to Live with Rising Seas
Factoid/2015/01/14A New Ocean Outfall Isn't the Way to Solve Pollution Problems
Factoid/2015/01/15Plastic Ingestion is a Widespread Problem for Marine Animals
Factoid/2015/01/16Seawater Desalination is Very Expensive
Factoid/2015/01/19Potable Reuse is A Cost-Effective Water Source
Factoid/2015/01/20If We Protect the Ocean, It Can Protect Us
Factoid/2015/01/21Natural Materials Can Clean Runoff
Factoid/2015/01/22Coastal Planning is Needed as 'Nuisance Flooding' Increases
Factoid/2015/01/23Seismic Testing is Seismic Slaughter
Factoid/2015/01/26Rebuilding on Barrier Islands Has Consequences
Factoid/2015/01/27A Coastal Photo is Worth a Thousand Words
Factoid/2015/01/28Industrialization of the Seas Could Spell Trouble for Marine Life
Factoid/2015/01/29Eco-Friendly Surfboards May Be Catching On
Factoid/2015/01/30Butts Pollute, But There are Solutions