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Factoids for the month of May, 2015

Factoid/2015/05/01Two California National Marine Sanctuaries Have Doubled in Size
Factoid/2015/05/04Water is Too Precious to Use Only Once
Factoid/2015/05/05The Ocean is Worth (at least) $24 Trillion
Factoid/2015/05/06Drilling in the Arctic is Fraught With Danger
Factoid/2015/05/07Coastal Regulations Protect the Public Interest in Beaches
Factoid/2015/05/08Baseline Battles Continue in South Carolina
Factoid/2015/05/11Beach Fill Projects Raise Important Questions
Factoid/2015/05/12Rebuild or Retreat? New York is Doing Both
Factoid/2015/05/13Beach Fill Can Kill Sea Turtles
Factoid/2015/05/14Florida Environmental Officials are Concerned About Seismic Testing
Factoid/2015/05/15Hands Across the Sand is Saturday
Factoid/2015/05/18Barrier Islands are Dancers
Factoid/2015/05/19Over 30 Surfrider Chapters Paticipated in Hands Across the Sand Events Saturday
Factoid/2015/05/20On Tuesday Californians Were Reminded Why Offshore Oil Drilling is Not the Answer
Factoid/2015/05/21Restaurants Can Be (and Should Be) Ocean Friendly
Factoid/2015/05/22Free Beaches are Becoming an Endangered Species in New Jersey
Factoid/2015/05/26There's a New App for Beach Access in South Carolina
Factoid/2015/05/27Offshore Drilling Requires Onshore Infrastructure
Factoid/2015/05/28You Can Contribute to Science by Surfing
Factoid/2015/05/29Major Coastal Storms Raise Important Questions