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Factoids for the month of June, 2015

Factoid/2015/06/01Coastal Armoring Causes Beaches to Disappear
Factoid/2015/06/02Plankton are the Earth's Life Support System
Factoid/2015/06/03Clean Water Upstream Means Clean Water at the Beach
Factoid/2015/06/04Another Lighthouse is Being Moved Back from the Coast
Factoid/2015/06/05This is National (and World) Oceans Month
Factoid/2015/06/08Today is World Oceans Day
Factoid/2015/06/09Domoic Acid is Being Detected in Monterey Bay Anchovies
Factoid/2015/06/10Surfider CEO to Receive 'Wave Saver' Award
Factoid/2015/06/11There are Reasons to Be Optimistic About Ocean Health
Factoid/2015/06/12NOAA Will Provide $5 Million in Grants for Coastal Resiliency
Factoid/2015/06/15Insanity is Repeatedly Doing the Same Thing and Expecting Different Results (at Taxpayers' Expense)
Factoid/2015/06/16Google Street View Now Goes Underwater
Factoid/2015/06/17Surfers Against Sewage is Initiating a Surfer Health Study in the U.K.
Factoid/2015/06/18Restoration Projects are Succeeding in CA and FL
Factoid/2015/06/19Saturday is International Surfing Day
Factoid/2015/06/22Surfrider Foundation has a Strong Presence in many of the "Coolest Beach Towns"
Factoid/2015/06/23A Man in Galveston is Trying to Steal Your Beach
Factoid/2015/06/24California Property Owners Who Block Beach Access Can Now Be Fined
Factoid/2015/06/25Purple Sea Slugs, Red Tuna Crabs and Blue Velella Velella - Oh My!
Factoid/2015/06/26Beach Access Battles are Becoming Increasingly Contentious
Factoid/2015/06/29SF's Ocean Beach Master Plan Balances Infrastructure Protection With Managed Retreat
Factoid/2015/06/30For Coastal Protection, Soft is Better Than Hard