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Factoids for the month of September, 2015

Factoid/2015/09/01Changing In or Out of Your Wetsuit is Not a Crime!
Factoid/2015/09/02Walter Munk Has Been Called the 'Einstein of the Oceans'
Factoid/2015/09/03North Carolina Has a Big Problem with Hog and Chicken Waste
Factoid/2015/09/04Buoys Provide Important Information
Factoid/2015/09/07The Ocean Health Index Shows Areas of Problems and Promise
Factoid/2015/09/08Marshes and Wetlands Have Many Advantages Over Seawalls
Factoid/2015/09/09Marine Protected Areas are a Great Investment
Factoid/2015/09/10Oil Spills Happen - Regularly
Factoid/2015/09/11Balloons Blow
Factoid/2015/09/14Coastal Bulding Setbacks Make Sense
Factoid/2015/09/15Surfonomics is a Thing
Factoid/2015/09/16Surfrider is Working to Protect 100% of the Coasts
Factoid/2015/09/17Half of the World's Marine Life Has Disappeared in 40 Years
Factoid/2015/09/18Florida's Beach Fill Costs Keep Rising
Factoid/2015/09/21Capturing Stormwater is a Win-Win
Factoid/2015/09/22Shoreline Armoring is Being Removed in Washington
Factoid/2015/09/23Mexico is Capturing and Removing Seaweed
Factoid/2015/09/24Seawater Desalination Doesn't Make Sense
Factoid/2015/09/25Surfrider Has Been Working on Water Pollution Solutions for 31 Years
Factoid/2015/09/28More Cities are Planning to Purify and Recycle Wastewater
Factoid/2015/09/29A Biofluorescent Sea Turtle Has Been Discovered
Factoid/2015/09/30Beaches are Increasingly Being Commercialized