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Factoids for the month of January, 2019

Factoid/2019/01/02Benefits from restored ecosystem services far outweigh cleanup costs at Boston Harbor
Factoid/2019/01/03Two-year marine debris study completes in the Gulf
Factoid/2019/01/04West Coast groundfish make a comeback
Factoid/2019/01/07Outside lighting can cause ecosystem-wide impacts
Factoid/2019/01/08Artificial reefs: friend or foe?
Factoid/2019/01/09The time lag of deep ocean water means its still responding to historical climates
Factoid/2019/01/10Impact of toxic sunscreens on our marine environments
Factoid/2019/01/11Oceans are warming faster than we thought
Factoid/2019/01/14Population of fin whales takes refuge in Gulf of California
Factoid/2019/01/15Climate change brings more powerful waves
Factoid/2019/01/16The decline of a Canadian minnow indicates ecosystem-wide stresses
Factoid/2019/01/17Desal plants release enough salty brine to cover the state of FL each year
Factoid/2019/01/18The world's floodplains available to you in minutes
Factoid/2019/01/21As temperatures warm, black mangroves migrate north
Factoid/2019/01/23Air pollution containing aerosols causes a cooling effect, yet the climate still warms
Factoid/2019/01/24Deep sea "zombie microbes" provide glimpse into potential for extraterrestrial life
Factoid/2019/01/25Coral reefs emit light to attract beneficial algae
Factoid/2019/01/28Lab recreates a freak wave similar to the 1995 North Sea event
Factoid/2019/01/29Green turtle reintroduction success in Cayman Islands!
Factoid/2019/01/30As emissions rise, climate change risks increase
Factoid/2019/01/31Biodiversity increases coral reef resilience