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Factoids for the month of June, 2019

Factoid/2019/06/01Antibiotics in our rivers and waterways exceed "safe" levels
Factoid/2019/06/04Water scarcity and stressed river basins
Factoid/2019/06/05Where groundwater meets the sea
Factoid/2019/06/06Young herring learn from their elders
Factoid/2019/06/07Protecting water quality even more vital during climate change
Factoid/2019/06/10Mapping seismic risk in the Puget Sound
Factoid/2019/06/11Water cycle diagrams get updated to show human interference
Factoid/2019/06/12Over half of marine plastic on the Tarragona Coast is from microfibers
Factoid/2019/06/13More intense hurricanes expected on the East Coast due to altered "wind sheer"
Factoid/2019/06/14This Saturday is International Surfing Day!
Factoid/2019/06/17Dolphins form friendships based on shared interests
Factoid/2019/06/18DDT lingers in our coastal environments
Factoid/2019/06/19The ocean is losing its oxygen
Factoid/2019/06/20Commercial fisheries at risk from a changing climate
Factoid/2019/06/21DNA fingerprinting of sea turtles
Factoid/2019/06/24Stirred up sediment impacts sea sponges
Factoid/2019/06/25Massive fresh-water aquifer found offshore
Factoid/2019/06/26Thermal cameras to help protect whales from ship strikes
Factoid/2019/06/27How fighting plastic pollution protects biodiversity and helps fight climate change
Factoid/2019/06/28Coral bleaching permanently changes fish communities