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Factoids for the month of December, 2019

Factoid/2019/12/02Highly acidic waters near island volcanoes offer ideal research opportunity
Factoid/2019/12/03Sea level rise projections are highly dependent on a major unknown: the rate of glacial melt
Factoid/2019/12/04Monitoring ocean salinity from space
Factoid/2019/12/05The diel vertical migration
Factoid/2019/12/06Beach replenishment: where does the sand go?
Factoid/2019/12/09Monitoring ocean acidification from space
Factoid/2019/12/10Corals make a comeback after volcanic eruption
Factoid/2019/12/11Deep-sea mining and renewable energy
Factoid/2019/12/12The vast network of Earth's coastal environments
Factoid/2019/12/13Method to increase Arctic sea ice explored
Factoid/2019/12/16Act now to prevent flooding or pay later
Factoid/2019/12/17Southern sea otter populations could triple
Factoid/2019/12/18California waters acidifying 2x faster than global ocean
Factoid/2019/12/19More dead zones projected in Chesapeake Bay
Factoid/2019/12/20Happy Holidays!