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HTML on Beachapedia

Why to use HTML

Beachapedia allows the use of raw HTML in pages. While this is allowed, it is not encouraged unless there is no other alternative, as HTML is more difficult for many people to use and edit. Some instances where HTML may need to be used are:

  • Forms (and form elements): things like drop-down lists may need to be done in HTML
  • Imagemaps (clickable images): native support for imagemaps is iffy in the MediaWiki software. Generally, code for imagemaps is not generated by hand, but rather by another program (such as GIMP). The resulting code may then be pasted into the wiki as raw HTML
  • Embedded videos: see the Help:Embedding video and audio clips page
  • Specially formatted tables/other elements: MediaWiki does not support wikitext for all webpage elements, to create specially-formatted tables or other things, they may need to be done in HTML

How to use HTML

Using HTML is fairly easy. Just enclose the HTML code in tags:

HTML code goes here