Using categories

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Categories are a useful feature on wikis. They are used to group pages with commonalities or common features together. For instance, pages related to recreation like Beach Driving and Personal Watercraft can be grouped together under the recreation category.

Adding a page to a category is easy. By convention, it is done at the end of the wiki page, although it can be done anywhere in the page source. To add a page to the A-Z category, simply place the following code in the page:


To make this even easier, we have implemented a short form that allows you to simply select all appropriate categories for articles. You can find this form next at the "Edit with Form" tab along the top of an article. Also be sure to use the New Page Form when adding a new article so that your initial categories are in place.

This can also be used to track pages which need to be reviewed, pages which do not contain images, or pages which require work such as adding links or other maintenance tasks.

To remove a page from the category, simply remove the category code from the page. For example, after finding an image to go on a page in the "pages without images" category, and adding the image to the page, the page would then have its category designation removed, indicating that it is no longer part of the "pages without images" category.