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Jetties (English)
突堤 (日本語)
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Diagram of a pair of jetties. The arrow indicates the direction of littoral drift

Shore-perpendicular structures built at the sides of an inlet to maintain navigable waterways. They stabilize an inlet by intercepting the longshore transport of sand that would otherwise fill it in or cause the channel to shift position. Jetties are often confused with groins, but are more substantial structures, usually built in pairs.

Ohio DNR has a Web page with more information and photos of jetties.

For a more extensive discussion of jetties and other shoreline structures, please see the Shoreline Structures article

This article is part of a series on Shoreline Structures looking at types of structures commonly built along shorelines, and the policies, laws, and regulations which can affect where and under what conditions they are built.

For information about laws, policies and conditions impacting shoreline structures in a specific state, please visit Surfrider's State of the Beach report to find the State Report for that state, and click on the "Shoreline Structures" indicator link.