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Surfrider Foundation is a grass-roots organization where most of the work is done by volunteer activists from Surfrider's 80+ chapters.

The following Perspectives were written by chapter activists, Surfrider staff, members of affiliated groups, journalists who cover beach and ocean issues, or just citizens concerned about the state of our coasts. They illustrate the types of issues that our members confront on a daily basis. Many of the Perspectives concern Beach Access, the featured beach health indicator in our 2010 report. During 2011 we added additional articles/opinions on other coastal topics, including Climate Change Adaptation, a new element within our Erosion Response indicator. In 2013 we added Perspectives on offshore oil drilling and beach fill in Florida.

Read on to learn about these ongoing problems. Then get involved with your local chapter to be part of the solutions.

For a whole lot more Perspectives, see Surfrider Foundation's Coastal Blog.