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タイドプール (日本語)
Mare résiduelle (Français)

Tidepools (also written as two words) form as seawater and marine life is trapped in hollows as the tide recedes. Tidepools exist within the intertidal zone. Many of these pools exist as separate entities only at low tide.

When observing tidepools, you should always follow these "good tidepooler" rules:

  • Never remove animals, shells or rocks from tidepools.
  • Never pick up animals. Observe them where they are.
  • Don't pull animals off the rocks or poke them with sticks.
  • Walk gently, taking care not to step on plants or animals.
  • Never turn over rocks.

California's Thank You Ocean website has a short video/podcast Tide Pool Treasures. This website also has links to general and California-specific Tide Pool information.