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BPArticleBot is an automated program which checks articles on Beachapedia to ensure that they contain the correct templates and categories. Any questions about the bot or its activities should be addressed to its creator/developer, Chris Wilson. This page will contain a description of the bot's logic and operation. Discussion of the bot and ideas for improvements to it should go on its Talk Page.


BPArticleBot retrieves a list of articles from the Wiki, and filters out those that have their own categorization and templates (like State of the Beach pages). Next, it checks to see if the article is an actual page or if it is a redirect. Redirects are ignored, and actual pages are checked further. It then checks the article text to see that it contains the {{Article}} template, and that it is a member of the A-Z Category so that it will appear in the article list on the Main Page. It will add the Article Template to pages that do not have it, and add pages which are not members of the A-Z category to that category. It will then check for an remove extraneous or duplicate categorizations (such as [[Category:A-Z]] from pages that already have the category defined via the Article template:


This will ensure that modifying categories for articles in the Article Template will not be overridden by the inclusion of additional categorizations later on in the page's WikiText.

Pages Excluded

  • State of the Beach pages
  • Pages which do not have titles starting with an English (A-Z) character