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Chris Wilson's User Page

Welcome to my user page :-)

Need Help With Something?

If you need help with something on Beachapedia, there are several avenues to try:

  1. The Help pages are always a good place to start for basic questions. If someone has asked the same question before, there will likely be an answer there
  2. Ask an admin. These are people that spend lots of time on the site, and are likely to know how to solve whatever problem it is you're having.
  3. Check the MediaWiki Help pages- MediaWiki is the software that runs Beachapedia. The help pages on the software site are more general, and things found there may not apply here, but the userbase is significantly larger, which means that it's more likely that someone will have run into whatever problem you are having before.
  4. Post a question on the MediaWiki Users Forum. It's a great resource for general questions about the MediaWiki software, finding out how to do things, tips and tricks and other stuff. If you are having trouble with editing, formatting, or other problems with the MediaWiki software, it's a good place to start looking for answers or to ask questions. (I'm a moderator on the forums)

MediaWiki 1.17 Upgrade

The upgrade to version 1.17 of the MediaWiki software is complete. Please let me know of any issues.


I have been working on improving the linking between translations of pages into various languages. If you encounter any problems, please send me an email or leave a message on my talk page.

Contact Info

Email: Gwsuperfan (the same username as here) at
Twitter: @gwsuperfan
Google+ Google+ Page

Stuff I do on Beachapedia

I can help with the following types of things:

  • Pictures/Images
    • Finding Public-Domain/Creative Commons/CopyLefted images to use on Beachapedia
    • Creating/altering images for use
    • Imagemaps (clickable images which take do different things depending on where you click)
  • Templates
    • Creating Templates to provide features or consolidate content
    • Modifying existing templates to add/remove/modify links, layout or features
  • Bots (Automated programs)
    • BPFactoidBot automatically takes Coastal Factoids that are posted and distributes them via Twitter and Email
    • Working on a bot to check external links- BPLinkBot will perform link checking. - version 1 is finished and running- I've only noticed one bug to work out so far, buglist on the bot's user page.
    • Checking for {{Article}} template and adding it if it's not there? BPArticleBot performs this and other maintenance functionality.
    • Welcoming new users? BPWelcomeBot provides a welcome message and links to get started on the user's Talk Page
    • Taking requests for other bots (any repetitive task that needs to be performed for periodic maintenance)
      • Adding/removing page banners?
      • Categorization?
      • Image Patrolling?
      • Edit monitoring?
      • Any other ideas?


To leave me a note, see my Talk Page