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Factoids for the month of May, 2007

Factoid/2007/05/01European Union Will No Longer Allow Single-Hulled Oil Tankers
Factoid/2007/05/02Yet Again, Wal-Mart Fined for Stormwater Runoff Violations
Factoid/2007/05/03Bush Administration Keeps Pushing Hard for Expanded Offshore Drilling
Factoid/2007/05/04Arctic Sea Ice Melting Much Faster Than Computer Models Predict
Factoid/2007/05/07EPA Delays Polluted Runoff Laws for Factory Farms for the Umpteenth Time
Factoid/2007/05/08Bill Introduced in the House to Stop Harmful "Fill" Dumping in Waterways
Factoid/2007/05/09Oil-Filled Shipwreck To Be Finally Removed from Washington Beach
Factoid/2007/05/10Now's a Critical Time for Coral Reefs
Factoid/2007/05/14Bush Administration Makes Big Announcement on Coral Reef Conservation, But Funding Commitment Is Conspicuously Absent
Factoid/2007/05/15EPA Delays Implementation of More Clean Water Laws, This Time for Oil Spill Prevention and Control
Factoid/2007/05/16U.S. Justice Department Wants Young Eco-Activists Who Damaged Only Property to Be Labelled As Terrorists Because They 'Tried to Change Government Policy'
Factoid/2007/05/17U.S. Senate Bill Introduced to Improve Coastal Monitoring
Factoid/2007/05/18May 18 Is Endangered Species Day
Factoid/2007/05/21Some Ocean Regions Can't Absorb Any More Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
Factoid/2007/05/22Plastics in the Ocean -- It's a Bigger Problem Than Is Commonly Thought
Factoid/2007/05/24NOAA Predicts Active Atlantic Hurricane Season
Factoid/2007/05/25If Eliminating Fishing Subsidies Is Too Hard, Pay Them NOT to Fish
Factoid/2007/05/29The Beach -- Good for Mind and Body
Factoid/2007/05/30Global Warming Emissions Are Accelerating Worldwide
Factoid/2007/05/31EPA Spins Beach Water Quality Report as Showing "Progress"