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Factoids for the month of July, 2008

Factoid/2008/07/01'The Puget Sound Recovery Act of 2008' Is Introduced in Congress
Factoid/2008/07/02For Over 30 Years, Jimmy Carter's Been Fighting Against Bad Projects Proposed by the Army Corps of Engineers
Factoid/2008/07/03Again, Leaky Septic Tanks Are Polluting Coastal Waters
Factoid/2008/07/07Report Concludes That Red Tide Along Florida's Northeast Coast Caused Human Illnesses
Factoid/2008/07/08U.S. Coral Reefs Continue Their Decline
Factoid/2008/07/09Seagrass and Salt Marsh Coastal Ecosystems Receive Scant Attention by the Media
Factoid/2008/07/10Grass Roots Means Solving Problems Yourselves
Factoid/2008/07/11Mark Twain (Almost) Surfing in Hawaii
Factoid/2008/07/14Some Officials Are Calling for a New 'Earth Systems Science Agency'
Factoid/2008/07/15Offshore Drilling Rigs on the Alabama Coast Pose Real Dangers to People Living Nearby
Factoid/2008/07/16Bali's Best Surfing Reef Is Damaged by Grounded Illegal Fishing Ship
Factoid/2008/07/17The Squandering of Ocean and Other Resources to Fuel Insatiable Consumption
Factoid/2008/07/18Commercial Scale Tidal Power Now a Reality
Factoid/2008/07/21Environmental Groups Sue to Force Numeric Limits on Nutrient Runoff Pollution in Florida
Factoid/2008/07/22Protection Against the Sun -- It's Not Only Sunscreen
Factoid/2008/07/23Study Points to Phosphorus As Key Trigger for Toxic Algae Blooms
Factoid/2008/07/24Upsetting Everybody
Factoid/2008/07/28Increase in Jellyfish Is Afflicting NY/NJ Coast
Factoid/2008/07/29U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Hits New Low
Factoid/2008/07/30Expanding Offshore Oil Drilling Would Be Counter-Productive
Factoid/2008/07/31Banning Plastic Bags to Reduce Harmful Marine Debris