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Factoids for the month of November, 2008

Factoid/2008/11/03Gaping Loopholes in EPA's New Rules for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs)
Factoid/2008/11/04New Jersey Bond Sales to Finance Clean Water Related Projects
Factoid/2008/11/05Mysterious, Rapid Tidal Changes in Maine
Factoid/2008/11/06EPA Levies Paltry Fine of Bacardi for Years of Clean Water Act Violations in Puerto Rico's Coastal Waters
Factoid/2008/11/10Pharmaceutical Drugs In Our Waters
Factoid/2008/11/12Ocean Acidification from Increased CO2 May Be Worse Than Previously Thought
Factoid/2008/11/13It's Not Too Late
Factoid/2008/11/14Enviro Group Sues EPA Over Failure to Respond to Ocean Acidification
Factoid/2008/11/17Cost Overruns and Oversized Expectations for English Artificial Surfing Reef at Boscombe Beach
Factoid/2008/11/18Managing Vast Marine Reserves May Be Relatively Inexpensive
Factoid/2008/11/19Runoff-Reducing Tips for Homeowners
Factoid/2008/11/20Unacceptable High Rate of Septic Tank Failure Is Bad News for Coastal Water Quality
Factoid/2008/11/21EPA Proposes New Rules for Better Disposal of Pharmaceutical Wastes
Factoid/2008/11/24We Can't Think It's So Big That It's Untouchable
Factoid/2008/11/25Floating Pig Farms
Factoid/2008/11/26Global Failure -- Greenhouse Gas Emissions Continue to Increase