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Factoids for the month of August, 2001

Factoid/2001/08/13Week of Surf Charity to Help Spinal Injury Victims
Factoid/2001/08/14It's Outrageous
Factoid/2001/08/15Causes of Beach Warnings and Closures
Factoid/2001/08/16Interconnected Coastal Ecosystem
Factoid/2001/08/17Surfrider Maui Chapter Activism in High Gear
Factoid/2001/08/20Santa Barbara's Battles Against Shoreline Armoring
Factoid/2001/08/21Biggest Threat to the Big Wave Spot of Tres Palmas, Puerto Rico
Factoid/2001/08/22Duke Kahanamoku Was Incredible
Factoid/2001/08/23Short Term Money
Factoid/2001/08/24Sewage Outfall Pipes in Santa Barbara Coastal Waters
Factoid/2001/08/27Surfrider Lake Michigan Chapter
Factoid/2001/08/28Three Coastal Environmental Priorities in Puerto Rico
Factoid/2001/08/29Broward County, FL Reefs In Danger from Dredge Dumping
Factoid/2001/08/30The Eutrophication Process
Factoid/2001/08/31One of a Handful