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Factoids for the month of January, 2003

Factoid/2003/01/03Ruling Against CA Coastal Commission Undermines Citizens Wishes
Factoid/2003/01/06Hoodlums of the Sea
Factoid/2003/01/07Dolphin-Safe Tuna Label Watered Down
Factoid/2003/01/08Caribbean Coral Reefs Declining Fast
Factoid/2003/01/09Evidence for Global Warming Is Coming Thick and Fast
Factoid/2003/01/10Single Hulled Tankers Until 2015
Factoid/2003/01/13Navy Confirms Use of Depleted Uranium off WA Coast
Factoid/2003/01/14Bush Administration Wants to Weaken Clean Water Act and Wetlands Protection
Factoid/2003/01/15Marine Reserves Help Ocean Ecosystems Recover
Factoid/2003/01/16Exxon Valdez Spill Still Harming Sea Life
Factoid/2003/01/17NW Atlantic Shark Populations Plunging
Factoid/2003/01/21Britain's Promoting Wave and Tidal Power to Generate Electricity
Factoid/2003/01/22A Central Principle of Marine Protection
Factoid/2003/01/23California Coastal Commission In Crisis After Court Rules It's Unconstitutional
Factoid/2003/01/2444 Robotic Floats Researching Climate Change in the Ocean
Factoid/2003/01/27Failure to Learn from Past Mistakes with Wetlands
Factoid/2003/01/2831% of All Manatee Deaths in FL Due to Boats Hitting Them
Factoid/2003/01/29The Oceans As a Public Trust
Factoid/2003/01/30Local Authorities Often Don't Know What's Polluting Local Beaches
Factoid/2003/01/31Over 40,000 Raw Sewage Spills Annually