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Factoids for the month of February, 2011

Factoid/2011/02/01The National Ocean Council Is Seeking Public Comments on Strategic Plans
Factoid/2011/02/02Ocean Fertilization Not a Good Choice
Factoid/2011/02/03Smoking Ban Approved at NYC Parks and Beaches
Factoid/2011/02/04Shell Cancels Plans, for Now, for Exploratory Wells Off Alaska's North Coast
Factoid/2011/02/07Another Coastal Oil Spill, This Time in Iran
Factoid/2011/02/08Sandy Beaches Provide Habitat
Factoid/2011/02/09The Glottal Stop and Macron in the Hawaiian Language
Factoid/2011/02/10From Sewage Gas to to Renewable Energy
Factoid/2011/02/14EPA and Coast Guard to Work Together Against Polluters
Factoid/2011/02/16Significant Budget Cuts Proposed for the EPA
Factoid/2011/02/17Growing Opposition to Once-Through Cooling of Nuclear Plants
Factoid/2011/02/18UN Spotlights the Ocean's Enormous Problems of Phosphorus Discharges and Plastic Litter
Factoid/2011/02/22Oil Spill Hits Norway's Only National Marine Park
Factoid/2011/02/23LCV's National Environmental Scorecard for 2010
Factoid/2011/02/25Public Comments Needed on Federal Draft Aquaculture Policies
Factoid/2011/02/28Increasing Seal and Turtle Casualties from Plastic Litter