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Factoids for the month of September, 2011

Factoid/2011/09/01Open the Gate at Martin's Beach!
Factoid/2011/09/02Fighting for Cleaner Water in Puget Sound
Factoid/2011/09/06Tsunamis Can Travel Inland for Miles
Factoid/2011/09/07Lake Erie in Trouble
Factoid/2011/09/08Beach Fill - Throwing Money in the Ocean?
Factoid/2011/09/09Shrimp Communicate Through Rhythmic 'Rumbles'
Factoid/2011/09/12Natural "Coastal Engineering" in North Carolina
Factoid/2011/09/13Elwha Dam Removal to Start Saturday
Factoid/2011/09/14More Boat 'No Discharge' Areas in the NE
Factoid/2011/09/15Yielding to the Inevitable on Cape Cod
Factoid/2011/09/16Sea Level Rise Will Cause Narrower Beaches and Economic Impact
Factoid/2011/09/19Rising Ocean Temperatures Promote Bacteria Growth
Factoid/2011/09/20Coasts and Estuaries Essential to Nation's Economy
Factoid/2011/09/21Coastal County Information Online
Factoid/2011/09/22Canada Turns Down Free Help on Ocean Planning
Factoid/2011/09/23Saturday is National Estuaries Day
Factoid/2011/09/26Will Jellyfish Take Over the Oceans?
Factoid/2011/09/27Fish - Investigating the Shrinkage Factor
Factoid/2011/09/28Matilija Dam - Cut Here
Factoid/2011/09/29Planning to Protect the Oceans
Factoid/2011/09/30Drilling Off Our Coasts is Not the Answer!