First Flush

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First Flush (English)
初期フラッシュ (日本語)

The first big rain after an extended dry period (usually summer) which flushes out the accumulated pollutants in the storm drain system and carries them straight to local waterways.

First flush is the initial surface runoff of a rainstorm. During this phase, water pollution entering storm drains in areas with high proportions of impervious surfaces is typically more concentrated compared to the remainder of the storm. Consequently these high concentrations of urban runoff result in high levels of pollutants discharged from storm sewers to surface waters.

Here's a great/disgusting video by Team Marine showing the beaches and storm channels near Santa Monica, California after a first flush.

Are you ready for another epically gross, chillingly real, but inspiring short about plastics flowing into the ocean in Santa Monica? This one is from filmmaker Jeneene Chatowsky and again features Santa Monica High School Team Marine students.