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Crown Land Policies

Preserving British Columbia’s Coast: A Regulatory Review (1999)

Coastal Shore Jurisdiction in British Columbia (Green Shores)

Coastal Economy

Economic Contribution of the Oceans Sector in British Columbia (2007)

Canada’s Population Estimates

Water Quality

Canadian Water Quality Guidelines and Presentation

British Columbia Approved Water Quality Guidelines

Wastewater Treatment (Metro Vancouver)

Hidden Killer: Sewage from Greater Vancouver and Greater Victoria is Georgia Staits Number One Pollution Threat (T. Buck Suzuki Environmental Foundation).

The National Sewage Report Card: Grading the Sewage Treatment of 22 Canadian Cities (Sierra Legal Defence Fund).

Stop Kinder Morgan's Tar Sands Pipeline (Wilderness Committee).


Health of the Oceans and Oceans Action Plan.

Canada’s Oceans Strategy: Our Oceans our Future and brochure.

Coastal Development

The Green Shores Approach to Development (Islands Trust)

Coastal Shore Stewardship: A Guide for Planners, Builders, and Developers on Canada’s Pacific Coast

State of the Beach Report: British Columbia
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