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Louisiana Ratings
Indicator Type Information Status
Beach Access12
Water Quality74
Beach Erosion7-
Erosion Response-2
Beach Fill6-
Shoreline Structures6 3
Beach Ecology1-
Surfing Areas24
Coastal Development{{{19}}}{{{20}}}
Sea Level Rise{{{21}}}{{{22}}}


The Office of Coastal Management is responsible for the maintenance and protection of the state's coastal wetlands. The main function of the Office of Coastal Management is the regulation of uses in the Louisiana coastal zone, especially those which have a direct and significant impact on coastal waters. It is the goal of the Office of Coastal Management to protect, develop, and restore or enhance the resources of the state’s coastal zone. The Office of Coastal Management regulates development activities and manages the resources of the Coastal Zone, especially those which have a direct and significant impact on coastal waters. The office is comprised of two closely related divisions: the Permits/Mitigation Division and the Interagency Affairs, Field Services & Compliance Division.

The Office of Coastal Protection and Restoration is responsible for integrating hurricane protection, storm damage reduction, flood control, coastal protection & restoration efforts, and associated infrastructure construction & maintenance in the State of Louisiana.

A recent and very informative description and evaluation of Louisiana's Coastal Program is Louisiana Coastal Management Program Assessment and Strategy 2011-2015.

Louisiana coastal regulations are contained in:

Also see the OCM Related Sites.

OCM News and Events Archive contains recent news items and program change information as well as links to The Local Coastal Program’s Outlook Newsletter. Here is the CoastIt Notes November 30, 2012 newsletter and the September 2012 Outlook Newsletter.

Another informative newsletters is WaterMarks.

The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals has a useful Beach Monitoring Program Website that gives the health advisory status and the monitoring history of 26 coastal monitoring sites.

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Problems related to the operation of DNR Web servers should be directed via Email to or to the Information Technology Help Desk, at 225.342.4556 for Baton Rouge area users, or at 888.792.0432 toll-free for users outside the Baton Rouge area.

State of the Beach Report: Louisiana
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