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Michigan Ratings
Indicator Type Information Status
Beach Access77
Water Quality66
Beach Erosion7-
Erosion Response-6
Beach Fill4-
Shoreline Structures4 3
Beach Ecology3-
Surfing Areas26
Coastal Development{{{19}}}{{{20}}}
Sea Level Rise{{{21}}}{{{22}}}


Michigan's Coastal Zone Management Program Website.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Website provides a link to the Michigan Coastal Management Program (MCMP) Website. It is well-organized and easy to use and has been recently reorganized and updated.

You might have to hunt a bit, but the DEQ Website is a good source of information on water quality, beach access, beach erosion, and issues pertaining to shoreline structures.

Relevant laws and rules are available on line via the DEQ Website.

The Coastal Management Program Website provides access to Coastal Zone Boundary Maps for individual Townships throughout Michigan.

Several publications can be accessed directly via the Website. Publications can be also be accessed via the DEQ Website keyword search. However, the results are not particularly user-friendly.

FINAL Evaluation Findings, Michigan Coastal Management Program, September 2002 through April 2006 is available through both NOAA's Website and Michigan's Coastal Management Program Website.

Access to photos and maps is via the Michigan Center for Geographic Information (CGI) Website. The CGI was established in April 2002. This Website has a searchable archive of geospatial datasets by county as well as extension scripts.

Links to state, regional, and national organizations is somewhat limited.

The Michigan DEQ Website appears to be up-to-date. The search function for the Website appears to work well.

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