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Ohio Ratings
Indicator Type Information Status
Beach Access92
Water Quality62
Beach Erosion8-
Erosion Response-4
Beach Fill4-
Shoreline Structures6 2
Beach Ecology3-
Surfing Areas23
Coastal Development{{{19}}}{{{20}}}
Sea Level Rise{{{21}}}{{{22}}}


The ODNR Office of Coastal Management website is a good source of information for many beach health indicators, including beach access (also see here), beach water quality, and beach ecology (focusing on wetlands ecology). There is general information on beach erosion, beach fill and shoreline structures, with useful links to additional information sources for these indicators.

Particularly useful are the Coastal A-Z and Beaches in Ohio links.

The Ohio Coastal Atlas Project suite of resources was developed to provide coastal decision makers, professionals, educators, interest groups and the general public with information about Lake Erie and its watershed.

There are links for many informative publications and laws and regulations.

Also see ODNR's Coastal News.

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State of the Beach Report: Ohio
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