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The Puerto DRNA Department of Natural and Environmental Resources website provides some information on beach health. The Coastal Zone Management Program website provides additional information on protecting coastal resources, coastal risks and on adapting to climate change. There is a substantial amount of information on coastal ecosystems, including marine spatial planning, marine protected areas, and coral reefs.

The Website is in Spanish, but you can use Google Translate by pasting Spanish test or even the Puerto Rico Website URL into Google Translate. It does a pretty good job of translation.

Although the new website is, in general, more user-friendly than the prior website, some information may be difficult to find. You can access the old website here.

The 2009 revision and update of the CZM Program is a key document that explains the scope of the CZM program, key issues, and coastal policies.

Here's a nice fact sheet on the Coastal Zone Management Program FY 2011.

The Website appears to be well organized and easy to use.

There is an informative education section.

Laws, regulations, and management plans can be accessed via the website. For an updated series of legal statutes and regulations related to environmental and coastal issues you may visit

There is access to a variety of publications. The Website has the most complete GIS data base on marine and coastal managed areas in Puerto Rico. The site also has a number of great photographs, including several of Reserva Marina Tres Palmas.

Reports and Marine Fact Sheets related to coastal environmental issues in Puerto Rico are accessible online through the Website of Puerto Rico Sea Grant.

The Website appears to be up-to-date and additional information and features are being added.

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