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Factoids for the month of July, 2005

Factoid/2005/07/01Indisputable, Increasing Acidity of Oceans from CO2 Emissions
Factoid/2005/07/05Proposed US-Mexico Gargantuan, Coastal Border Barrier Is Overkill and Harmful to Local Coastal Environment
Factoid/2005/07/06Biodegradable Balloons Are Harmful to Sealife Who Eat Them
Factoid/2005/07/07Hundreds of Seabirds Dying on East Coast
Factoid/2005/07/08Sea Level Rise Is Accelerating
Factoid/2005/07/11Effects of Rising Temperatures: Alaskan Coast Experiencing Lots of Forest Fires
Factoid/2005/07/12High Water Temps in the Great Lakes, Too
Factoid/2005/07/13Fisheries Agency Delays Congressionally-Mandated Report as Fish Populations Continue to Decline
Factoid/2005/07/14Indian River Lagoon in Florida Is Losing Its Dolphins
Factoid/2005/07/15Beach Fill -- At What Cost and to Whose Benefit
Factoid/2005/07/18Very Long Sea Floor Rupture from the Earthquake that Caused the Big Tsunami
Factoid/2005/07/19State of California Sues Trancas Property Owners Association for Bulldozing Beach Sand
Factoid/2005/07/20Toxic Algae Sickens Beachgoers in Italy
Factoid/2005/07/21EPA Seeks Comments on Pesticide Review Process
Factoid/2005/07/22Costly Beach Fill for Whom at Whose Expense?
Factoid/2005/07/25Excerpt from Surfrider Foundation's Upcoming State of the Beach 2005 Report
Factoid/2005/07/26America's Surrounded by and Reliant on the Oceans
Factoid/2005/07/27Get Informed about Your Local Beach
Factoid/2005/07/29What Happens When We Insist on Building Very Close to the Water's Edge