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Factoids for the month of August, 2011

Factoid/2011/08/01This is Shark Week!
Factoid/2011/08/02Lawns Are The Real Money (and Water) Pit
Factoid/2011/08/03Wrack Removal and Beach Grooming Harm Beach Ecology
Factoid/2011/08/04Most Popular Beaches in the U.S.
Factoid/2011/08/05Beach Bulldozing Banned in Nags Head
Factoid/2011/08/08New Report Highlights Economic and Ecological Value of Gulf Coast Region
Factoid/2011/08/09'Smart' Irrigation Controllers Save Water, OFG Saves Even More
Factoid/2011/08/10Alaska Eliminates Coastal Management Program; Weakens Oil Spill Response
Factoid/2011/08/11Florida Cuts Beach Testing
Factoid/2011/08/12Enough Already! Support the Texas Open Beaches Act.
Factoid/2011/08/15Rise Above Plastic Water Bottles!
Factoid/2011/08/16What's in Your Fish?
Factoid/2011/08/1710 Million Viruses In Every Drop Of Surface Seawater.
Factoid/2011/08/18Sewage Frequently Fouls Hudson River
Factoid/2011/08/19Scientists Accurately Predict Undersea Eruption
Factoid/2011/08/22Peter Douglas Retires - A True Coastal Hero
Factoid/2011/08/23Another Ocean Champion Announces Retirement
Factoid/2011/08/24Aquarium of the Pacific Leads Ocean Use Planning in Southern California
Factoid/2011/08/25Coastal Areas Need Natural Sediment Supply From Rivers
Factoid/2011/08/26The Ocean - Still A Lot To Be Explored
Factoid/2011/08/29Dog Helps Find Sewage Sources
Factoid/2011/08/30Scuba Diving (and Surfing) is Not a Crime!
Factoid/2011/08/31Preserving Nine Ocean Conservation Sites is Critical