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Oregon Coastal Zone Management Program website.

The Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development website on which the OCMP website resides, is also a key site for information on the beach health indicators.

The Land Conservation and Development (LCD) website provides detailed information on beach access, water quality, and beach erosion. Information on beach fill and shoreline protection is limited.

Oregon's coastal 19 Statewide Planning Goals, including Goals 16 through 19 which pertain to coastal and ocean resources can be found here.

Relevant statutes and rules can be found on the LCD website. Here is a link to Rulemaking News and Notices from Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.

A number of publications are available in Adobe Acrobat format via the LCD website.

Among these is the document A Citizen's Guide to Oregon's Coastal Management Program. This document explains who makes the decisions, the legal requirements for decisions, and gives elected and appointed officials useful information as they decide how and where new development will occur.

Topics of other publications include estuary and ocean planning, water quality, and coastal hazards.

Evaluation Findings for the Oregon Coastal Management Program, November 2006 to September 2016 is available via NOAA's Coastal Management website, as is the 2016-2020 Assessment and Strategy.

The OCMP website has links to a number of publications, including the Water Quality Model Code and Guidebook and Littoral Cell Management Planning.

The OCMP website provides access to a wide range of maps and photos. An exciting new development in Oregon is the development by OCSD, Oregon State University and Ecotrust of a Coastal Atlas. The Coastal Atlas is an interactive, searchable, downloadable archive of geospatial data. It includes mapping and decision support tools.

Coastal Atlas Contact

Tanya Haddad
Phone: (503) 731-4065 x30 Links to a range of local, state, and regional organizations can also be found on the LCD website. Also see here.

Website Contact Info

Randy Dana
Oregon Ocean and Coastal Management Program
Phone: (503) 731-4065 x31

State of the Beach Report: Oregon
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