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Virginia Ratings
Indicator Type Information Status
Beach Access65
Water Quality77
Beach Erosion4-
Erosion Response-5
Beach Fill6-
Shoreline Structures6 2
Beach Ecology4-
Surfing Areas58
Coastal Development{{{19}}}{{{20}}}
Sea Level Rise{{{21}}}{{{22}}}


Virginia's Coastal Program Website is:

The Virginia Coastal Program Website is part of the overall Department of Environmental Quality website. The website is well organized and easy to use. It serves as a gateway to the Virginia Coastal Program network of agencies that manage Virginia's coastal resources, administer coastal management laws and policies, and together make up the state's coastal management program. Information on water quality, as well as a myriad of coastal resource management issues, is a primary focus of the site and its accompanying links.

The Virginia Coastal Program Website provides detailed information on CZM Program Laws, Regulations, and Advisory Policies, the Coastal Zone Management Program, and CZM Program Funds and Projects, by year.

The CZM Issues and Initiatives page is gateway to information on 10 different programs or focus areas.

The CZM website provides links to relevant laws, regulations and guidance policies administered by the Virginia Coastal Program's network of agencies.

The Code of Virgina (searchable) can be found at:

Some of the publications or other information resources produced by the Virginia Coastal Program or its program partners include:

A new feature of the Virgina Coastal Program Website is Coastal GEMS, which is a "Geospatial and Educational Mapping System" that provides a gateway to Virginia's coastal resource data and maps; coastal laws, regulations and policies; downloadable facts on coastal resource values; and direct links to agencies responsible for the most up-to-date data. A major goal of Coastal GEMS is to foster stronger understanding of how activities on the land and in the water affect each other. It is the intent of Coastal GEMS to create a stronger linkage between local land use plans and state and federal water use policies.

The Virginia Coastal Program Website highlights many coastal resource management publications available through its network agencies. However, each agency is responsible for maintaining a complete list of publications on their respective Websites. These Websites can all be accessed through the Virginia Coastal Program site.

A useful summary is the Virginia Coastal Program Coastal Needs Assessment and Strategy 2011-2015.

Numerous downloadable photos and/or maps of Virginia's coastal resources are available through the Virginia Seaside Heritage Program, Coastal GEMS and MARCO Regional Mapping. Downloadable photos are also available on the Websites of the Program's network agencies. A map of Virginia's coastal zone or resource management area is available.

Get Involved! What You Can Do To Help Protect Virginia's Coast is a highlight of the Website.

In addition to the core network agency, the Virginia Coastal Program Website provides an extensive list of resources and links to a broad range of state, regional, and national organizations.

The Virginia Coastal Program Website is up-to-date.

Website Contact Info

Virginia Witmer
Virginia Coastal Program Outreach Coordinator
Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
629 East Main Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219
Phone: (804) 698-4320

State of the Beach Report: Virginia
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