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Factoids for the month of June, 2006

Factoid/2006/06/01Florida Taxpayers Are Subsidizing Vulnerable Coastal Construction
Factoid/2006/06/02Beach Sand Can Contain Harmful Bacteria Longer Than Near-Shore Waters
Factoid/2006/06/05President Bush Says He Appreciates Our Type of Work
Factoid/2006/06/06Protect Marine Resources Best with Marine Reserves
Factoid/2006/06/07Health Conscious, Savvy Beachgoers
Factoid/2006/06/08Keeping Pharmaceuticals Out of Wastewater and Away from Coastal Waters
Factoid/2006/06/09Establishment of Marine Protected Areas Is Gathering Momentum
Factoid/2006/06/12U.S. Military's Dumping of Chemical Weapons in the Oceans Was More Prevalent Than Previously Thought
Factoid/2006/06/13It's Really About Our Oceans, Waves, and Beaches
Factoid/2006/06/14The Joint Ocean Commission Initiative
Factoid/2006/06/15Plastics: The Scourge of Beaches Everywhere
Factoid/2006/06/16Why the Surfrider Foundation Is Appealing the Solana Beach Ruling
Factoid/2006/06/19The Supreme Court Decision on the Clean Water Act Could Have Been Much Worse
Factoid/2006/06/20Combo Beach Remover: Rising Sea Levels and Sea Walls
Factoid/2006/06/21Ocean Acidification's Bad News for Our Coral Reefs
Factoid/2006/06/22Hey, Quiet It Down and Stop Hurting Our Marine Mammals!
Factoid/2006/06/23National Academy of Sciences' Latest Global Warming Report
Factoid/2006/06/26The Whole Ball of Wax
Factoid/2006/06/27Finally, Sewage Infrastructure Improvements Coming to Puerto Rico
Factoid/2006/06/29Navy to Blast New NW Hawaiian Islands Marine Reserve with Ultra-Loud Sonar
Factoid/2006/06/30Still the Masses Come